Barhölle’s Beauties

Welcome To My Portrait Opening

This is you, only better.  This is a fitter happier you.  This is what you look like before you wake up the next morning.

Never wake up.  It’s time to shine and light your own path.  Find a way to make your play, tomorrow is another day.  But tonight I will take your breath away.


Please enjoy the open bar
drink up and spend liberally.


A Note to My Phinest Philly Feathers

If your portrait is found here, that means undoubtably you are among the most beautiful people the City of Philadelphia has to offer.

Like this exotic goose, you too have attributes hidden beneath your plumage.  Find yourself in the cascading emerald pool that awaits you.

Find yourself, find someone else.  But if you’re found by the wrong finder, don’t find me later.

Barhölle’s Beauties

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