New Herr’s campaign urges snack lovers to “Keep It Philly, Philly”

The multi-channel campaign is designed to communicate the family-owned company’s deep roots in the Philadelphia DMA, and to show its appreciation and support for — and from — the City of Brotherly Love

We want to make consumers more aware that Herr’s has been their hometown snack for nearly 75 years,” said Bob Clark, VP Marketing for Herr’s. “When they are selecting snacks, we want them to feel that Herr’s is their best choice for ‘Keeping it Philly.’”

Bill Starkey, Executive Creative Director, said, “Ultimately, our goal is to put Herr’s everywhere in Philly, and into the conversation, every time a Philadelphian reaches for a snack. If one of them reaches for a bag that’s not a Herr’s product, we want others to call them out and urge them to get Herr’s instead — because this is Philly, and that’s what we do here.”

The new “Keep It Philly, Philly” campaign combines brightly-colored backgrounds and bold graphics with Philadelphia-style wit, and references to “subjects relatable to all Philadelphians, such as summer shore traffic and the plight of our professional sports teams,” according to Starkey.

The “Keep It Philly, Philly” campaign will roll out over the next few months through August 2020. Separately, a series of new advertising spots, starting November 7 during “Thursday Night Football” on FOX 29 (Philadelphia DMA).

Bill Zimmerman
Publisher / Webmaster at Philly Bite Magazine.