Welcome To My Opening

Welcome to all my Philly Chinillas who have made it here tonight.  I want to thank everyone for joining me in this celebration of Philadelphia at Night.  TwilightNight is an abstract look at Philadelphia, with all original images inspired from shots taken in and around Philly.


Please enjoy the open bar
drink up and spend liberally.



Shaughn Barholle is a refugee from the outskirts of Scranton, PA – from a little town called Chinchilla.  Barholle graduated from the Dunmore School Art and went into business for himself as a consultant.  His first big client was the Borough of Avoca outside of Scranton, where he presented his ‘Do Avoca’ tourism campaign.

The campaign was roundly rejected by the chamber of commerce and young Barholle was chased out of the township that evening by the romantic glow of torchlight and with pitchforks in his rear.

Seeking refuge under the I676 underpass, stealing power from local construction and internet from a local Starbucks, Barholle created his makeshift darkroom and development studio; distilling the vital essences of the city into the highest proof negatives.  Enjoy.





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